Kick-Off Meting: the meeting was held on 15th August 2016 in the National Water Resources Centre headquarters in Cairo.




The attendees were:

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed (ACCNDP Project Manager),

Prof. Raúl Medina (Manager of the ICZM Scoping Study),

Mahmoud Fouad (local coordinator),

María Merino (ICZM expert)

Alexandra Toimil (climate change specialist).    

Inception Workshop: the workshop was held at the Pyramisa Hotel in Cairo, on the 17th of August 2016. The workshop counted on the participation of 59 attendees, including representatives from diverse institutions such as the MWRI, EEAA, Ministry of Housing, research centres and coastal governorates.


This workshop included two parts:

  • the first one devoted to present the ICZM Scoping Study to key stakeholders, and
  • the second part, focused on the development of the following participatory activities:
    • Validation of the preliminary list of national stakeholders.
    • Identification of main coastal problems in the North, Delta and North Sinai coast.
    • Identification of urban development and coastal plans.
    • Presentation of the web site.

Stakeholders actively participated and provided useful information for the upcoming stages of the study.    



Meetings with key stakeholders:
during September and October 2016, the Consultant arranged a set of meetings with the following key stakeholders:
− Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency,
− Tourism Development Authority
− Shore Protection Authority
− National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries
− General Organization of Physical Planning
− National Centre for Planning State Land Use
− Coastal Research Institute.
These interviews have the following objectives: i) to obtain information about their institutional structure and capacity, ii) to identify local stakeholders, and iii) to identify and collect available data for the study.


If you can provide useful information to the study or want to know our local coordinator and arrange a meeting with him, please contact us.


The study will set the basis for establishing an ICZM Plan for the North Coast of Egypt.
The training activity will enhance the empowerment of coastal managers for using the project results as the baseline of upcoming coastal management plans. The ACCNDP partners will learn about the most relevant techniques developed during the project. This activity encompasses the organization of two training sessions during December 2016.


Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Mediterranean. Available at
Law 4 for the Protection of the Environment Amended by Law 9/2009. Available at
Law 48 of 1982 for the Protection of the Nile River and its Waterways from Pollution. Available at
Egyptian Code Coastal Work. Available at


Deliverable 1: Inception report and detailed work plan   
Deliverable 2: Progress report summarizing stakeholder analysis, fieldwork, consultation process and stocktaking activity    
Deliverable 3: Initial GIS system design report
Deliverable 4: Draft final study report
Deliverable 5: Final study report of ICZM Scoping Study
Deliverable 5 Annexes: Annexes to Final study report of ICZM Scoping Study
Deliverable 6: GIS system for the North Coast Management ( See ICZMViewer below)
Deliverable 7: Summary of the consultation process


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