Draft study report available now for stakeholder consultation

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We are pleased to announce that the Final Draft Study Report is available for stakeholder consultation. This draft report presents the preliminary results of the study: the assessment of the Northern Coast, divided into Coastal Units, and the identification of the major challenges for coastal management.
Stakeholders are invited to download the document and submit their comments about Chapter 4. This Chapter presents a set of factsheets for each Coastal Unit, including physical, ecological and socioeconomic assessments, as well as the integrated diagnosis, including SWOT analysis and the list of current and future Key Issues for coastal management.

If you have any comment on Chapter 4, please send an email to:



indicating your personal details (name, position, sector), page of the document and number of Coastal Unit. We thank you your kind participation!!

We will discuss all your comments and suggestions during the Final Workshop on 5th January 2017.